I Am:

Serious, Ironic, pixelated, absurd, empath, bionic, delirious, Keto chocolate chip cookies, creme' brulee, laconic, loquacious, cheese-curds @ fun-point. 


I Am Musician, Singer, Composer, Dreamer, Producer, Designer, Artist, Writer, Createtress.

I Am  ENFJ: Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Feeling (F), Judgment (J) - So Says the Myers-Briggs, Yo.


I Am Music, Yoga, Meditation, RollerBlading, Baseball (playing; watching is zzzzz) & Backgammon.

Dancing is a Must & the stage is My Oyster. Phresh.


I Am 'Sweet & Sharp', the name of my 1st album  produced by the AmaZing JJ Mak in Italy. ToDay In 2021 We still make music with people from around the World. No Charts - Yes LISTEN. I've had the Honour to connect with David Bowie, Iman, Grace Jones, Gypsie Kings - I've recorded in Studio Condulmer( Simply Red  & Sade). & I jus' Love that sage George Clinton.


 In Holland (NL) I also still have the privilege  to create with 'Grand Master T' of TaiYoTone Records.


After living  in Europe, I'm back  in the USA making  New Music. Who's Zooming Who? All of us Internationally!

 I am Blessed to Create ♪♫again with this Inspirational Group of Astonishing Global Talent! Yes, 202Won!


I Embrace Fearless  Professional Innovators!  #YHWHYeshuaSophia is Thee  Inspiration. Light B.

Let's all Unite ~Agape Love  Conquers wAll.


See You in the Stratosphere Every1~ Love & Light,